A Power of Attorney is a grant of "powers", or the ability to do things, from one living person to another living person. It is only valid for as long as the granting person lives.

It should be understood that at law, the "living person" could be a corporation.

Anything a living person is able to do can form the subject of a Power of Attorney. In general terms however, there are three kinds of Powers of Attorney:

a) Powers of Attorney for Property,

b) Powers of Attorney for Personal Care (which are known as "Directives" or "Representation Agreements" in some provinces), and

c) Specific Powers of Attorney - for limited purposes such as the sale of land in a foreign country, or the temporary care of a minor.

Based on this basic division, please choose the type of Power of Attorney you desire below.

Note that typically, everyone needs both a) and b) above, unless they already have one or the other. If you need both a) and b), choose "Both Basic Powers of Attorney - Property and Personal Care" below.
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