Terms of Use

We pride ourselves on converting legal jargon into clear language everyone can understand.

So, it would be strange indeed if we had Terms of Use set out in tiny font, and full of thick legalese.

Instead, what follows below is likely the clearest Terms of Use you'll read online all year. Maybe all decade. Maybe ever.

You'll actually be able to read it, for a change.
These are the terms concerning the use of Affidavits-Canada.ca

1. We aren’t providing the services of a lawyer. We are providing notary public services.

2. We are extremely good at what we do, but we aren't magicians. Try as we may, we can't read minds. So, you are responsible for understanding and informing us of the full extent of your needs.

3. We know that in the "legal world", understanding the full extent of your needs can sometimes be a difficult thing. So, if you feel you don't fully understand what you might need, you can book a consultation with us.

4. We are a writing service. So, our claim regarding “lawyer-quality” is limited to the skill employed in writing. It does not relate to any other skills, such as for example the skills that a lawyer might use in information gathering or in legal analysis.

5. We have the right to quote an additional fee for overly complex writing needs, or to refuse to undertake the writing. We alone get to decide when something we have been tasked with is overly complex. If you'd rather not pay the additional fee, you'll get a refund, less a $50 plus GST assessment fee. If we refuse to undertake the writing, you'll get a full refund.

6. If we are sued because of anything we write for you, and if it all results in us having to pay, you'll pay what we are required to pay.

7. If you make payment and submit a form using this website, or make payment and book a consultation, you are agreeing to be bound by the above terms.